How do you Prevent Colds? This is my formula

This entry is to help people with seasonal allergies and colds.  This is what I follow in order to prevent or reduce the horrible effects of the common cold. Basically boost the hell out of your immune system.

These are the main factors that have worked for me.

Ok, first and foremost eat as many greens you can in a day. That is collard, kale, spinach, bok choy, arugula, romain and all and any other greens you may find. This means at least big two salads a day plus fruit and veggies at every meal. If you don’t want to make a salad then you can add these greens to a smoothie with a few bananas. The bananas will mask the taste of the greens. Then try to everyday add berries. Berries seem to have really protective properties best would be frozen berries. Eat basically as many raw fruits and vegetables. Heated vegetables are great but the raw one are far better. Find which ones you like and start putting them in your diet every day.  Below are things to take not of and can help your body improve its defenses.

Fiber foods not fiber powders  Like pumpernickel bread, beans, quinoa, millet and other such grains or oatmeal help get rid of these bad things in the body so instead of storing this stuff. Your body gets rid of it. Water of course drink water throughout the day stay hydrated.

Rest is a must. Get a good night’s rest at least 7 hours no more than 9.

We all get stress; the most important thing about it is to be able to manage your stress.  Try to manage it by tryin to think that things can get solved and accepting that things happen and they are a part of life. We must learn to adapt and master our stress. Working through the stress is really important. Don’t let it beat you or you will tax your health with negative thinking.

Drink Tea instead of coffee. Tea has what are called polyphenols and boost immune system. Caffeine increase heart beat so you might just settle with caffeine free tea. Like white tea has really low amounts and I believe herbal teas have no caffeine. The other thing to note is you can get twice the antioxidant power from steeping the tea in cold water that you will if you heat the tea.

Cooking methods
Use water to stir-fry and cook with and if you need oil add it cold after with the meal. Heating oils increases often the oxidative nature of the oil and it also creates cancer causing compounds when heated to high levels.  On a daily basis try to avoid frying your foods or buying fried meals with oils or butter/margarine.

Dangerous Immune Suppressers

Immune System killers include: Soda, baked goods, cookies, energy drinks, white flower, refined sugar high meat consumption, and dairy (which is extremely allergenic and just plain bad). Dairy includes cheese, yogurt, milk, butter and creams. Dairy also has two sugars so on top of the dairy being allergenic and problematic to the immune system it carries galactose and lactose two sugars.

The key is to eat as many raw fruits and vegetables, if you eat cheat foods like cookies make it a rarity and avoid refined sugar like it is the plague. Always remember sugar with fiber is a must. Fiber helps regulate blood sugar and helps avoid those insulin spikes.

Exercise is a must. You must be moving, exercising or dancing every day and if your sore rest hard don’t over train. Exercise and movement helps move your lymphatic system fluid around which is where your immune system  travels through.
Please Read the through the sited links it will boost your  knowledge.

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