Colon cancer linked to bacteria: future treatment with antibiotics?

I posted this article because I think people should think of ways to change their bacterial environment. Certain dietary habits allow certain bacteria to thrive over the others. I think antibiotics is a bandaid solution. I think pre or probiotics, diet and specifically adequate intake of fiber would be a much better solution to this issue. As a population we must focus on prevention and not last minute fixes.

A significant percentage of colon cancers could be caused by a bacteria and — if that’s indeed the case — some tumors eventually may be prevented or treated with antibiotics, suggests a new research finding from the Broad Institute and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Using gene sequencing techniques, the researchers found that areas of the colon where tumors are located were far more likely to contain high levels of Fusobacteria — associated with appendicitis and inflammatory bowel disease — than other portions of the colon in the same patients that didn’t contain cancer.

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