Avocado Power or Danger?

OK, I needed to post these because recently I heard a medical expert refer to how avocados should  be considered bad for you. Saying there were issues with it in vitro (not in real live subjects) and causing DNA damage. His recommendation was to avoid avocados all together. So I decided to find the global consensus on Avocados in the scientific community.

Are they healthy? Well look for yourself. These are all the studies I could find currently on avocados and health. I will let you read the science. I don’t believe in selective science…which means choosing one study and saying “OK this study makes a 100 percent valid conclusion.” I believe we must look at the global science from many sources and get a better total picture before making a valid conclusion.

Here they are (my apology if any of these get broken in the future).



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3 Responses to Avocado Power or Danger?

  1. Alex says:

    This sounds like the same group of scientists who tried to claim that soy increased estrogen levels and sapped away testosterone. If I recall, their research was funded by the maize, corn, and beef industry. Funny thing is soy beans are one of corn’s major cash crop competitors. Coincidence? I think not. Scientist, man…even they can be swayed by a check.

  2. Oliver says:

    Great post. I see too many doctors denouncing fruits and vegetables, while making no mention of the ramifications of a diet high in fats, oils, and sugar.

    I mean, just eat an avocado. How do you feel afterwards?

    Now eat a cheeseburger. How do you feel afterwards?

    Don’t even need any science to back that up.

  3. RAIN says:

    The Doctor was actually a veg pro MD. He is referring to I believe a natural fungicide in Avocados called “Percin.” The one great part of the human liver is it able to do a pretty good job with regular plant foods that might have natural toxins and remove most of them before entering the human blood stream.

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