Learning to Love What You Do. Enjoy the Journey and Share Along the Way

As you probably noticed that many people post videos, of themselves for vanity reasons on social sites, or on YouTube channels. They are trying to gain as many friends possible to show how they are important. This is not referring to any specific community or people. I find this to be rather peculiar since talent or hard work should speak for itself. If you are sharing to inspire it is one thing but to show off because it needs to fill a void is a whole different monster. This is just and overall observation. On the other hand, My intentions are to motivate and inspire others. I want to let people into a little secret that I have found; as obvious that it might sound.

Why becoming the best is not really all that important? Like viral videos these individuals get mass recognition and then are forgotten. There duration is short. My advice is go for the long term. Get inspired by those who are on top and become consistent. Stick with it through thick and thin. Just remember every inch of progress counts. This can apply to other areas of your life. Become a long term expert and not a overnight sensation. Find meaning behind your training and how you can share your accomplishments with others. When I practice workout moves and create I think of it as “Open Source Fitness.” This is a term that I coined in people take fitness moves and ideas and make them not proprietary but establish them as a new foundation for others to use, contribute and build from.

Knowledge is to share because there is no value in keep it for yourself. So get out there, work hard, get inspired, and don’t worry about the speed you learn. The name of the game is sticking with your goals, keep hitting those benchmarks, and keep sharing what you learn. I have seen too many people drop out because they burn out. Over night fame is quickly forgotten, remember. Strength is about outlasting. Get strong, remain strong and leave vanity for those who need to fill and ego. Don’t get me wrong these people have a place and some might even motivate us in the the process but for me giving and inspiring others to me carries far more value  in the long term. Train hard and forget how you look, just have fun and enjoy the progress!  I hope this sheds some insight your training and your life.

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