Why Did Steve Jobs Die? – Dr. McDougall M.D. Explains

One of Jobs’ greatest regrets when he found out he had incurable cancer was that he had refused to have surgery for 9 months after being diagnosed. He believed he might have been cured if he had acted earlier. Since he was about 20 years old when the cancer spread throughout his body, removing his CAT-scan-detected cancer in October of 2003 would never have cured him.


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3 Responses to Why Did Steve Jobs Die? – Dr. McDougall M.D. Explains

  1. RAIN says:


    For all my 47 years, I thought I was extremely healthy! After all, at that time (1982), I’d been a daily runner for 14 years, had run 3 marathons, and ate what I considered a very healthy diet — lots of chicken, fish, and low-fat dairy.

    While recovering from the surgery I saw a newspaper item asking for volunteers for a breast cancer/diet research study. I ran to the phone, was told to get my medical records, and got in to see Dr. McDougall right away. After being shown the results of the breast cancer/diet research thus far, I was convinced that Dr. McDougall was on the right track and left his office a low-fat vegan. I also decided against chemotherapy and radiation, electing to use the vegan diet as my sole weapon against the cancer.

    Ruth achieved three dramatic benefits from a healthy diet and exercise program that are rarely talked about: “cure” of her cancer, cure of her arthritis and reversal of her bone loss. The McDougall Program for Women book discusses in great detail the benefits of a healthy diet and exercise program for women with breast cancer. Essentially, the rich American diet is the most important controllable cause of breast cancer according to many experts. If you believe this, then it makes no sense to “throw gasoline on a fire.” In other words, once you get a dietary-caused cancer one of your fundamental treatments must be a change to a healthy diet.

  2. Alex says:

    Some say it’s also the thing that defined his life. What better way is there to live it then to live it knowing you may die tomorrow? Most people in their 20s think their invincible…imagine being told you have cancer. It might push you to go all out, accomplish a life long dream, remove self doubt and maybe even build one of the world’s most successful computer business. Who knows, right?

  3. RAIN says:

    Yes agreed. I think the issue with Steve was his high stress environment. No matter what the diet if your in a constant high stress state your immune system is debilitated. So we need to learn to tolerate more stress and be in a relaxed state. Stress is good is fine if you can work through it but if your always in a heighten state then you will fall victim to your own thoughts. After listening to a tech show I remember hearing about Steve’s vendetta against the Android phones and how much he wanted to bury them.

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