How Many Colds Per Year Do You Get?

Apparently getting the cold 2 to 4 times a year is normal on average. I use to think that colds were only for people who were with weak immune systems and ate badly. I spent yesterday researching on the lymphatic system and recently learned that colds are normal even if you eat well and you live a relatively healthy lifestyle. Since viruses mutate often the body does not recognize these new foreign invaders (viruses) so it will have to acclimate to these viruses by fighting it and as a result a cold comes on. What is not normal is if you get really sick from a cold virus, such as severe illness or hospitalization. Healthy people usually beat cold in 3-4 days as compared to less healthy takes around 7 days or more.  Also the energy level one experience during these days makes a difference. I found that less healthy people handle colds much worse than those who are healthier. So if you get a cold don’t blame your diet if your eating well cause several colds a year is absolutely normal and inevitable.


Who gets colds?


Children get an average of six to ten colds a year. Adults get two to four colds a year. Children get more colds than adults because they have less resistance to infection and because they have contact with many other children in day care centers and schools. Almost everyone who inhales cold viruses is infected, but only about 75 percent of them develop cold symptoms. In the United States, colds are most common during the fall and winter.


Just wanted to take a poll here on average how many colds do you get. I am not talking about small sniffles but full onset colds?

Disclaimer:Please be honest since this poll is annonymous there is no ego involved. No need to prove how healthy you are. Just give a honest answer.

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3 Responses to How Many Colds Per Year Do You Get?

  1. Lisa Qualls says:

    Isn’t hand washing a factor? I was under the impression that children get colds more frequently because they are not as aware of the need to wash their hands and not touch their faces. I had heard that touching one’s mouth, nose and eyes can make it easy for the virus to enter the body.

  2. freethehens says:

    I don’t get them much anymore since I started using Airborne at the first sign of ANYTHING. Co-workers around me have several a year.

  3. RAIN says:

    Kids also don’t have as much exposure compared to adults to a lifetime worth of viruses so they tend to have younger immune systems. I think people need to realize a few colds a year are good to test the immune system when dealing with a new pathogen and to see how well the immune system reacts to it and deactivates it.

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