How to think of health?

Many people have a lot of confusion when it comes to what to eat and how to live. Well look around most people no matter what traditions they have it seems to me that they are pretty much doing it wrong. Don’t copy the general public because you will get sick like everyone.

What I think is key is connecting the dots. One study can prove one thing and one scientists can say another. So how do we know who is right. Well we must look at health like we are trying to solve a crime. Remember the show CSI? Well we are all detectives and we need to approach health in the same way. What keep the body working not just well but extremely well and protects us under high stress and highly polluted environments? So my work in the last 5 years has been researching the science not a particular guru, scientist, doctor or theory but what image do all those dots create? Based on particular evidence what conclusions are starting to form?

I felt like sharing this video because here is someone who to me sets a good example of intelligence and searching for answers when there were no answers for her but death. ( Hope the link works)

If this link does not work search for “Kris Carr China Study”  on youtube

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