Formula for Disease

In my past few years of nutritional research I have found these factors to be responsible for western disease, There are advicates that will single out one of these and claim this is the reason we are sick. The fact is many of these play a role and to ignore any of them and blame another is foolish. We must focus on lifestyle not fads diets like Atkins, Zone, Paleo, Dukan diet or Primal Diet, Because the only diet you will be on then is the Naive diet. What I will say is trying to improve any of these will show progress and show signs of health improvement the more of these your able to maintain the better off you will be.

Poor health and disease Check List
How close do Western Societies follow this?

– Saturated fat – increases LDL cholesterol and damages endothelial
– Lack of exercise including weight baring
– Lack of sleep
– Nutrient deficiencies
– Lack Sun or Vitamin D
– Refined Oil consumption
– Charring food
– Environmental Pollutants – this includes plastics, heavy metals and toxic chemicals, artificial coloring and dies,
perfumes. (These affect us in varying levels)
– Chronic Stress – increases weight gain and inflammation
– Processed refined foods – inflammatory foods and growth promoting
– Over Calorie Consumption – increases fat stores around the body and impairs cellular metabolism.
– Not enough intake of fruits and vegetables – can’t fight disease if you don’t have your protective nutrients
– Not enough fiber
– Refined Sugar – inflammatory and growth promoting
– Lacking a good community (can be family, friends or any form good human connection.
– Lacking a positive mindset and sense of purpose
– Poor hydration

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  1. Darwinist says:

    That’s a good list.

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