Low Carb Diets “Atkins and Paleo” Found to increase Heart Disease.

Many Low Carb proponents tell people that we have lowered our fat intake and increase our carb load here in the US since the 8Os. I don’t really believe that to be the case based on the the evidence. If you have watch movies from the 70’s and 80’s Obesity was rare. What happened? Well total caloric intake went up for one. People have larger portion sizes and more refined food than ever. But one can just blame the refined carbs for this since fat carries more calories per serving and with these carbs foods in the US come loaded with fat. We have not been low fat or fat free as Paleo and Atkins proponents  think and state. This is totally misguided. In this study they follow Scandenevians for 25 years who very much were low carb and the result was better weight loss but under the hood was atherosclerosis (heart disease). Saturated fat has not health benefits and for many it can increase their  risk of premature death .


Summary of Study
A 25 year study in Northern Sweden, published in BioMed Central’s open access journal Nutrition Journal, is the first to show that a regional and national dietary intervention to reduce fat intake, decreased cholesterol levels, but a switch to the popular low carbohydrate diet was paralleled by in an increase in cholesterol levels. Over the entire 25 year period the population BMI continued to increase, regardless of either diet, and both the increase in body mass and increased cholesterol levels are indicators of increased cardiovascular risk.

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