July 4rth Coming up. Summer Cookouts – Playing Russian Roulette with your health

Summer Grilling is America’s Past time but it comes with serious consequences. Ignoring the scientific communities warnings on charred foods is a serious risk.

Sometimes we ignore the warnings and studies because we find traditions and comfort foods to be more important than health. Health requires a lifetime commitment and poor health takes a lifetime to develop. Our psychologically and traditions makes it hard for us to put value into the medical and scientific warnings based on our poor eating habits. If the foods that caused health issues created instant problems or symptoms showed up 24 hours after consumption we would avoid these foods like the plague or anyone with any common sense would. Yet when people are told about these dangers, a list of excuses start rising up on why it is still ok or how one will be fine. Some of these excuses included that health food and eating well was too expensive and hard to maintain. And medical bills are not and dealing with illness is not hard? Excuses like well my grandma lived to 100 and she ate everything and anything. Unfortunately epigenetic has disproved this theory. You’re guaranteed nothing. Then others would use well you go to live a little. Nope live a little absolutely not live a lot seem more my position. Most of the foods in the past were eaten in fewer amounts and with fewer toxins. Since WWII we have gone full throttle on toxins including things like bacon, hotdogs and burgers which have well been established to be disease promoting.
Breathing in the fumes from grilling is equally as bad as smoking. Yet people hover around the grill completely oblivious to the dangers. This summer you might warn family and friends to stay away from the grill it causes serious long term health issues. HCAs (Heterocyclic Amines are well established as highly toxic and known carcinogens. Eating these is not just a small risk but a serious risk to health. This 4rth of July stay off the grill.

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2 Responses to July 4rth Coming up. Summer Cookouts – Playing Russian Roulette with your health

  1. Oliver says:

    Or, let people enjoy their social gatherings without being scared of everything they eat.

    I could easily argue that you are damaging your psychological health by distancing yourself from “tradition” that is centered around food-based social events. That could in turn be argued as a a “serious risk to health” which might lead to psychosis or other mental disease.

    Not saying that applies to you, but I’m showing you how it is easy to spin an argument to favor whatever side you are on.

    Also, Russian Roulette? You know that is where you put one bullet in a revolver, spin the chamber, put it against your head, and pray to god you don’t blow your brains out, right? The analogy is a poor connection to the long term effects of eating grilled meat at best. No one is going to eat a slightly charred chicken breast and instantly die of a brain hemorrhage.

    • RAIN says:

      Thanks for your comment Oliver. I know we may disagree on this. I personally find no value in putting tradition over health. Without your health everything else is meaningless. I am not saying people should not celebrate the 4rth of July but there is more to the 4rth of July than eating grilled food. The choice to follow these traditions seems innocent. How could we possibly give up parts of our way of life? Change is one of the hardest things for people to do. We have ton of social pressure to keep the status quo. We all have traditions that we are indoctrinated into by our parents, friends, and society.

      Traditions often seem harmless and the right thing to do because most people find comfort in following the population norm. But this does not excuse people from harm, nor protect them. We would like to think that the most people do it the right thing to do because if so many people are doing it how can they be wrong? There are many associations we have that connect us to traditions such as smells, taste, sound, feelings and memories and so on. Stopping these seems like something of lunacy or at least that is what is perceived by the majority because these connections are so deeply rooted. Had someone handed you a cube of HCA one would obviously not ingest it but when it is part of food it becomes oversimplified and regarded as harmless. I mean these traditions are often the bridge that we setup to connect with one another. Does that mean if we break these bridges and make a change that we cannot continue to interact? We know that these are ideals are very hard for people to break.

      My comments were meant to persuade people to make better health choice when it comes to celebrating holiday events. This can be done. I don’t believe isolating yourself is a healthy thing. I actually recommend people do quite the opposite. I would love to see people become more social. I think human connections are very important. We have to many people online and social networks connecting virtually and often loosing the interpersonal relationships that truly create strong social bonds when connecting in person. But all this is not worth it at the cost of health. Again it seems odd because grilling is such comforting idea.

      I think humans often fall victim to cultural norms instead of seeing the bigger picture. I believe we are at a pinnacle point where people are tired of being ill and now are getting informed and making smarter lifestyle choices even if they don’t follow the norm.

      The unexamined life is not worth living – Socrates

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