Buckwheat the forgotten wheat and a cholesterol lowering powerhouse.

When you reach for a pancake mix try choosing one with more fiber. Fiber sources like buckwheat has been shown to reduce fat absorption and bind well with cholesterol to lower total cholesterol. Don’t settle with white starchy pancakes reach for the right nutrient rich ones. Top it with berries. In buckwheat it seems the protein has cholesterol lowering affects. Flour may be too refined so try to find one that contains both the fiber and protein.

Buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum Moench) protein (BWP) exhibits hypocholesterolemic activity in several animal models by increasing fecal excretion of neutral and acidic sterols. In the current study, the ability of BWP to disrupt micelle cholesterol solubility by sequestration of cholesterol was investigated. When BWP (0.2%) was incubated with cholesterol and micelle lipid components prior to micelle formation, cholesterol solubility was reduced 40%. In contrast, cholesterol solubility was not decreased when BWP (0.2%) was incubated after micelle formation and incorporation of soluble cholesterol. Buckwheat flour, from which BWP was derived, had no significant effect on cholesterol solubility. Cholesterol uptake in Caco-2 cells from micelles made in the presence of BWP (0.2%) was reduced by 47, 36, 35, and 33% when compared with buckwheat flour, bovine serum albumin, casein, and gelatin, respectively. Reduction in cholesterol uptake in Caco-2 cells was dose-dependent, with maximum reductions at 0.1-0.4% BWP. In cholesterol-binding experiments, 83% of the cholesterol was associated with an insoluble BWP fraction, indicating strong cholesterol-binding capacity that disrupts solubility and uptake by Caco-2 cells.


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2 Responses to Buckwheat the forgotten wheat and a cholesterol lowering powerhouse.

  1. My favorite thing about buckwheat is that it isn’t actually wheat. A lovely solution for those that need to (or want to) eat gluten-free.

  2. Alex S. says:

    Other thing to note here as well is the fact that buckwheat, in its many forms, is a very cheap grain. Go to your local asian super market and buy yourself some soba/buckwheat noodles for about $4-5 per 3 lbs. It’s great for use in several noodle dishes and tastes awesome hot or cold (yeah I know it sounds a bit weird but try out a good zaru soba recipe and you’ll change your mind). See this dudes video for a recipe (if you’re too lazy to make the dipping sauce just pick up a bottle of Menmi and dilute with water to taste): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SS2x2PVT090

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