Human 2.0 (Open Source)

Human 2.0 (A Open Source Evolution)

When I talk to people I find that we all have backgrounds, traditions and customary habits and many show aversion to change. I realize that many people can’t handle criticism. Some close their ears to ignore the information coming in and others become angry and aggressive. People tend to react back with the words “Don’t judge me!” We realize criticism is an objective stance to which we look into another’s way of being. This often hits the EGO and often causes a emotional reaction. Yet for those who fear judgment are unaware they themselves are judging others. It is human to judge people and question others way of doing things and living. These may be from what the person is wearing to a person’s words or lifestyle. The point I want to make here is that judgment does not have to be negative concept as many of us perceive but a possible step towards improving our lives and the world around us.

The world is constantly changing and with a growing population we must make strides to make things better for everyone from humans, to animals, to our environment. These are all interconnected. What you do on this side of the world might affect something on the others side of the world in a positive or negative way. We need to constantly evaluate our way of being and continue to strive to make a better world even if it is incrementally. People should not fear change but realize that each change we make can affect the different parts of the world.

We are progressing towards technological advances; populations are using more tools than ever to create better ways of life in this fast paced world. I think it would be naïve to think that everyone would quit the way they live to live as our ancient Paleolithic ancestors did or how some tribes live around the world. This could be possible but more unlikely to reverse the current trend. We have evolved with technology and what I find is that we need to adapt to this way of living but by not eliminating the technology but assimilating more sustainable ways to produce and keep improving technology reducing the total human foot print. I recently saw a article where Pepsi was switching their plastic bottles to vegetable based material; they plan to eliminate petroleum in the manufacturing of their containers. Lab grown meat can a more sustainable way of creating food for many and to which no animal would have to lose his or her life. Another instance was stores switching from plastic bags for produce to biodegradable corn based plastics. Even Puma has made public statements that they will evolve to eliminate leather from their shoe line which uses tons of toxic chemicals that damage the environment. Even though these are not perfect solutions they are adaptations to a more sustainable world.
I think people need encouragement and if people listen sometimes as much as it hurts to hear the message we can learn something from what others tell us. The world is not all sun shines and rainbows” – Rocky. The world is a tough place and people who live in this fantasy world of little league baseball and white picket fences are shunned from the true global issues. I think we often do want to forget or pretend that everything around us is just fine. Of course not everyone in those living environments lay ignorant to global issues because some have noticed and are doing their part.

So my idea which I am sure is not original of Human 2.0 is a philosophical idea that man or woman should constantly try to keep improving personally, ethically and sustainably. We often get overwhelmed with the nature of things saying well I can’t do that it is too hard. But every step counts. For example: If one million people recycled one bottle a day that is one million bottles that won’t end up in landfills. We do things every day that affect each other and our environment. Instead of feeling guilty and angry when someone questions your way of being step up and work towards making a better change today because every step counts and if we all make incremental steps it will move us to a better way of life and better way we can all live on this planet. We may often make mistakes along the way and forget but that does not mean you have to stop making steps. Pick up where you left off and keep pushing along. The more people find better ways of living the more it will contribute to a global network of ideas that will help out this planet that we all share.

Remember no one is perfect but we can all still do something as little as it might seem.

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