Cold Season is here; study says get your Vitamin D

A new study has found that vitamin D may play a role in helping the immune system ward off respiratory diseases like the common cold.

Photo of a man with tissues.

Vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium, which keeps your bones strong. But the vitamin is naturally present in few foods. It’s added to some, such as milk, and also available as a dietary supplement. Vitamin D is produced by the body when sunlight strikes the skin, but most people in the U.S. don’t get enough sunlight to make sufficient amounts, particularly in winter months.

Personal Note:
Last winter I came down with 3-4 bad colds and felt horrible. I did not understand how this was possible since I was eating massive amounts of whole foods and cutting out refined sugars. I was fine and cold free for about 3 years when suddenly these colds hit me back to back. I then decided to research all I could on colds and viruses. I soon found from NIH studies and other health experts that low vitamin D directly could contribute to a poor immune system. I started supplementing since I was not out much in the sun which would be the primary source of vitamin D. So on my third round of a bad cold I decided to take 2500 ui of vitamin D. The cold vanished in 2 days at a dead stop. I was so amazed throughout the winter I took D supplements. Then towards the spring I had stopped to only take it once a week. After my recent blood test my Vitamin D was at 23 lg/ml it should now be between 30-100 lg/ml. So now I take 10,000 ui a day.
I will be retested in the winter for my D levels. I will write back on it in the near future. As evidence of low Vitamin D my white blood cell count was also a bit lower than it should be. I hope to correct these by the next blood test.

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