Playing too hard
Stress can come in many different forms not just psychological. As I mentioned last year even if you’re super fit and super healthy in cold season and flu season cannot be prevented all fronts. I found it common that raw foodist or vegans when I first became vegan would claim that it is like you have turned to become some super hero. With super shields that would protect you against all illnesses. Well this past Friday I was feeling amazing. Went out to go breakdancing or breaking at a club. A student of mine had gone to this club a second time to gain experience. As he went out in the dance circle another breakdancer went up to him to challenge him. After seeing the level difference I felt this would be unfair to my student so I stood up for him. I went out after him breaking back to show him up. To my surprise three other breakers jumped in on his behalf and I found myself battling multiple rounds against each of them with just seconds of rest. I pushed hard putting 100 percent against them. I had already been at the club since 10:30 p.m. and when this battle started it was around 12:30 a.m. So I was already at a disadvantage. I pushed and after 20 minutes of going hard the battle faded off. I felt good about my rounds and I would say it was fairly neutral. I stayed that night till 2 a.m. eventually went home. On top of all this I had sprained my ankle walking off a sidewalk and stepping in an indent in the concrete on that Thursday which left me with have my physical potential.

That night I went home with a swollen ankle and really sore. I got up the next day early to the sound of my guinea pigs chewing on the cage and realized that I was not going to get much sleep. Of course they are on their own clock since they get up normally at 8 a.m. With half the sleep for my recovery I decided to take a few days off for relaxation. By Monday I had entered my work day with a weakened immune system. I had read before in several fitness articles where if you over workout and don’t get much sleep recovery you can weaken your immune system. Meanwhile there are several people that I found around me at the office and outside the office with the flu. Three days later I ended up with a cold. Once you have a cold I don’t see much but sleep to really help you fight it. In the past I had taken Elderberry, green tea, antioxants, vitamin C, Vitamin D and so on. You just have to ride it out. I did find Vitamin D and C to shorten the duration but if your not missing these in your body more may not really help much even in larger doses you just have to rest and let your body heal as it is supposed to.

I remember watching the documentary “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead” and remember the director talking about a reboot. He would say that eating healthy would be a great way to reboot your body. I think of it more in a different way. A cold, flu, or some other minor ailment is a great way to reboot your life. It gives you a time to rest and reflect on health, give you time away from your training to see where you can improve and stops you from the busy day to day activities. I treat an injury in the same way. It is motivation to go back thirsty and make life improvements and find ways to train better. I take illness in a positive direction to restart my life, evaluate and reflect on things.

As there are different diets and lifestyles out there no diet is perfect and no diet is without flaws, but even more so no one is invisible no matter how well you eat. I even remember experts talking about bird flu actually uses your immune system against you so those with healthier immune systems would be at a higher risk. Not sure about the facts of this but when it comes down to it, don’t let diet gurus sell you on magic potions. Follow the science but most of all it is your own body that heals itself and without the right tools (nutrients) your body cannot do the job right when it is attacked. Rest, low stress, healthy foods, and moderate exercise are what are best for optimal health but when you fall ill take it as time to reflect and hit the restart button. The whole an new improved you.

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