New Link Between Heart Disease and Red Meat: New Understanding of Cardiovascular Health Benefits of Vegan, Vegetarian Diets

Apr. 7, 2013 — A compound abundant in red meat and added as a supplement to popular energy drinks has been found to promote atherosclerosis — or the hardening or clogging of the arteries — according to Cleveland Clinic research published online this week in the journal Nature Medicine.

The researchers found that increased carnitine levels in patients predicted increased risks for cardiovascular disease and major cardiac events like heart attack, stroke and death, but only in subjects with concurrently high TMAO levels. Additionally, they found specific gut microbe types in subjects associated with both plasma TMAO levels and dietary patterns, and that baseline TMAO levels were significantly lower among vegans and vegetarians than omnivores. Remarkably, vegans and vegetarians, even after consuming a large amount of carnitine, did not produce significant levels of the microbe product TMAO, whereas omnivores consuming the same amount of carnitine did.

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Here is where grassfed meats and products are not better. Many will argue that if they eat grass fed meat that they will avoid a lot of the so called bad fats. There has been plenty of studies showing problems with consuming dietary cholesterol, saturated fat and transfats which are all found in animal products. So even when people switch from grain fed to grass fed meats Carnitine still caused artery inflammation.

Even when you cook animal food bacteria the toxins still stick around.

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