High Fat Diets and Low Fat Diets and Testosterone

There have been some serious back and forth of low fat vs low carb diets causing lower testosterone. One must observe their blood profiles to truly see their risks for heart disease.  

So cutting out fat from the diet is hard to do and not recommended by many health care practitioners. With that said, eating high saturated fat  does not resolve low testosterone issues as many would think. Plus higher intake of animal products increases IGF-1 (Insulin like growth factor 1) which often comes with an increase of  animal protein which can add to cancer growth factors as seen in this study. As see in this study one will observe that plant eating subjects had higher roaming testosterone that lowered risk for cancer .

So what a second study found was that those consuming high amounts of fatty foods endedup with lower testosterone post meal as seen in this study

Arguements against these studies. seem to be that high fat has show to increase testosterone which leaves people confused vs low fat. This leaves people confused. Well usually people on low fat diets tend to consume less calories and sometimes to quite low levels.  Which calorie deficit decreases testosterone as seen in this Army Ranger study.

The key in the body as always is having a good balance. Not too much or too little of any kind of hormone or nutrient. This is where supplementation leads to problems as seen in these studies below. So when we add supplements to our diet and think that more is better it may not be the case.

Associations between testosterone levels and incident prostate, lung, and colorectal cancer. A population-based study.

Serum testosterone and the risk of prostate cancer: potential implications for testosterone therapy.

So as to truly understanding the hormone system in the body many blogs, health gurus, articles and marketers would like you to believe it is as simple as knowing increasing fat intake or popping in testosterone pills to resolve your health issues. This is an oversimplification of hormone function and the endocrine system. As you might observe many men on low fat diets such as those following Engine 2 dietOrnish diet, and many other low fat diets you will see men with not only good energy, total overall health and muscle growth, but having no issues with their sex hormones. Many will even brag about how things work better all together when it comes to circulation to be blunt. 

When it comes to health things are multifactorial and not something as simple as just increasing fat intake because with more saturated fat and cholesterol comes more clogged arteries.

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