Focused on Protein and Muscle Building

As we all know proteins are responsible for building muscles. Sleep and rest allows the body to repair and rebuild muscles to make them stronger.

The misinformation people have is they believe that the only way to build muscle is with whey protein, eggs and foods like meat.  Plants have plenty of protein, and with enough calories one can consume adequate protein to build muscle. Many muscle building athletes are unaware of this.

In addition, the protein you eat is never directly assimilated as the protein structure it came in. The body breaks the proteins down into amino acids and makes new proteins. The body also uses discarded protein that may be come from the body itself and breaks it down to other amino acids that it uses. So as long as your body has all the amino acids it needs to create the proteins then the muscles will continue to rebuild correctly. Protein deficiency usually comes from a low caloric intake or not eating enough whole foods but packaged or refined foods.

Protein is a package deal. I was sucked into all the big tubs of protein marketing out there. I thought that if I ate more protein my muscles would get bigger. All I got was a bigger gut and terrible stomach acidosis (heart burn). I was lifting once to twice a day consistently. Did I get more muscle yes but it came with a few unwanted side effects.

In the world of bodybuilding people become so macronutrient focused that they neglect some of the most important nutrients that the body needs. These are micronutrients. These are your cancer fighters, damage control mitigators such as phytochemicals, phytonutrients, antioxidants, minerals and so on.

So when one eats these protein shakes many of the micro nutrients that are in those are small in number and isolated forms which do not reflect the same compounds in a whole food form which is easier for the body to control its absorption rate. As with steaks, chicken and eggs they are quite low in these micronutrients compared to foods from the plant kingdom.

So the question then is how do veg bodybuilders get enough protein from plant foods? The simple answer is eating enough calories from whole plant foods. The most obvious protein driven plant foods are nuts, seeds,  grains and beans but greens like spinach or broccoli hold a powerful protein punch per calorie. The issue most people have though is how much broccoli would one have to eat to meet those protein requirements. So adding in a variety of different sources allows one to get enough calories and eat enough protein.

How does the bodybuilding general community get such quick turn around? Well first off when we see a mucle mag many of those famed or average bodybuilders are on steroids or growth hormones and want you to believe the product their selling is what made them that big (refer to the documentary “Bigger, Faster, Stronger). Others who eat Dairy based protein will get, and IGF-1 response which promotes growth but in addition to muscle growth it increase malignant cell growth or as we know it cancer growth.

Often people confuse a six pack with good health. Your muscles being stressed and growing does not equate to good artery health or cancer prevention. Many bodybuilders build muscle through what is known as “Dirty Bulking” where they eat all the junk food they want to build muscle. There is a reason it is called junk food, but yet they hold a lean physique and have large muscles.

I will admit that if you don’t eat whey, creatine, hgh, steroids and try to build muscle via whole plant foods it will take much longer to get results but it does not mean it won’t happen. We as a global society are so obsessed with urgency with quick results that we often neglect our health in the process. I think part of exercising enjoying the journey and the sense of well being not just how large your muscles are.

For further understanding on how plant based eaters build muscle please visit

Note: This is not an expert opinion on the subject Just my opinion  and research on the matter. My own research covers intensive nutritional research over seven years.

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