My View and Review of CrossFit

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This Podcast has been quite insightful. I found it to have some fair critisism but I think a lot has changed since CrossFit first began. I will explain…

I have been doing CrossFit for several months now. I am a breakdancer for 14 years and use to break for the Washington Wizards. I have been doing extreme calisthenics for about two years now off and on and Parkour for about 3 years off and on as well. I had seen the movie 300 years back and saw them training with a box gym called Gym Jones and saw the amazing results that they got from cross training.

After had discovered CrossFit years back, I realized that it did have seem an intriguing methodology of working out and because of this I went to the CrossFit main site and downloaded some of the workout videos. These workouts to me seemed quite amazing and fun. Specially when you would see people pulling crazy amounts of pushups, sit-up’s and burpees.  As months passed I gave up the idea all together. I just got carried away by other activities. It was not into I started seeing clips on Youtube about the CrossFit games did my interest return. I was again quickly impressed with these athletes unbelievable ability to do amazing endurance feats of strength with very little rest. I knew it would require lots of training and understanding of fundamental exercise movement. Unlike many who saw CrossFit as a dangerous sport I saw it as training multiple disciplines with proper form. I assumed that all people thought like this. But ran across a few sport websites trying to discredit it.

As I soon learned there were lots of CrossFit haters, many who were jealous with the fitness capability, some of it was ignorance of what it was like to train in a good CrossFit gym, some who had heard the dangers of the sport by articles and sites they read, and others might have been by the myriad of CrossFit clips of people doing just dumb movements that had nothing to do with the actual workouts and what most CrossFit gyms did during the class times.

There are vast good form videos now appearing all over the internet about how to train the movement properly. What was once just a the Wild Wild West of CrossFit is now become more tame and more certified trainers, not just in CrossFit certs but other respected sports certifications like NASM and ACE trainers are joining the mix. Many of the instructors and boxes because of the large amount of criticism of improper form have brought in experts in other Professional disciplines to teach the proper and corrected form; some of which have been Olympic athletes. I have not been in a CrossFit class yet in my area where form was not introduced even during workout sessions. I constantly have instructors trying to correct my form even during the WOD sections (Workout of the Day).

As mentioned in this Podcast (link above) that there are good and bad of any sport. You can see and incredible injury rate in runners, soccer players, basketball players and so on. Does this mean we should discount its value of these sports? No of course not but when a sport is new it will quickly take heat by those who find it too different. Take CrossFit for what it is and not more. Try a class and see if their community is for you. Many fitness businesses can benefit from CrossFit by adding their value into it by showing CrossFittters better ways of correcting form, and giving seminars to CrossFit affiliates to be part of this fast growing movement. I will say I do not follow or agree with their diet plans for one but that does not mean I can’t still walk away with some value from great community and workouts.

All I can say as for the many Cross Fit gyms that I have visited I can only say my experience has been a good one. I will still sign up for classes for now and will continue to grow as an all-around athlete. Let your own experience dictate your view on the matter, just sharing mine.

Note:None of my views reflects CrossFit or CrossFit affiliates opinion.

Since I have been doing CrossFit I have completed an up hill  and down hill non flat single mile run in 6min. 22 sec. and a 2 mile run in 7min. which I was unable to reach before doing CrossFit.

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