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Starchy foods cut bowel cancer risk, scientists find

Eating more corn, lentils, peas, beans and other legumes can reduce the risk of developing bowel cancer, Australian researchers have found. These foods are high in resistant starch, a type of fiber that cannot be digested and instead passes through … Continue reading

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Greens Protect Against DNA Damage Post Workout

ScienceDaily (Apr. 25, 2012) — Researchers have found that antioxidant-rich watercress can alleviate the natural stress put on our body by a workout. And they found that participants with no watercress in their system who ate the leafy vegetable just … Continue reading

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Plant Sterols Reduce LDL better than just eliminating fat.

ScienceDaily (Aug. 23, 2011) — Persons with high cholesterol who received counseling regarding a diet that combined cholesterol-lowering foods such as soy protein, nuts and plant sterols over 6 months experienced a greater reduction in their low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) … Continue reading

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Diet Rich in Slowly Digested Carbs Reduces Markers of Inflammation in Overweight and Obese Adults

ScienceDaily (Jan. 11, 2012) — Among overweight and obese adults, a diet rich in slowly digested carbohydrates, such as whole grains, legumes and other high-fiber foods, significantly reduces markers of inflammation associated with chronic disease, according to a new study … Continue reading

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High Fat increases blood pressure

The lining of the arteries have very delicate cells that produce NOH Endothelial NOS is a nitric oxide synthase that generates NO in blood vessels and is involved with regulating vascular tone by inhibiting smooth muscle contraction and platelet aggregation. … Continue reading

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Hot Pepper Compound Could Help Hearts

ScienceDaily (Mar. 27, 2012) — The food that inspires wariness is on course for inspiring even more wonder from a medical standpoint as scientists have reported the latest evidence that chili peppers are a heart-healthy food with potential to protect against … Continue reading

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Compound in soy products may help lower blood pressure

ScienceDaily (Mar. 26, 2012) — Soy-based food products have taken grocery store shelves by storm, and the benefits of soy are steadily beginning to emerge. Eating foods that contain isoflavones — a key compound in soy milk, tofu, green tea and … Continue reading

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