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Fiber the Powerful Antinutrient

This year, 2014 if there is one nutrient that I can’t stress enough for good health is FIBER. Yes that dreaded word, that antinutrient… but honestly it is so important for good human digestion and the millions of bacteria living … Continue reading

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Buckwheat the forgotten wheat and a cholesterol lowering powerhouse.

When you reach for a pancake mix try choosing one with more fiber. Fiber sources like buckwheat has been shown to reduce fat absorption and bind well with cholesterol to lower total cholesterol. Don’t settle with white starchy pancakes reach … Continue reading

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Fiber, whole grains may cut pancreatic cancer risk

(Reuters Health) – Eating more whole grain and fiber-rich food may lower the risk of pancreatic cancer by about 40 percent, study findings suggest.   They also noted about a 35 percent reduction in risk among individuals who ate the … Continue reading

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Fat, Fiber, and Breast Cancer Risk (Long-Term Diet Changes)

  In the current issue of Cancer, the study looks at a link between diet and breast cancer risk. Researchers have long suspected a link, but other factors involved in breast cancer’s origins have complicated the picture.   The proposed theory is … Continue reading

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How Dietary Fiber Lowers Cholesterol

  Evidence suggests that soluble fiber is more effective at lowering cholesterol, but both types of fiber are important for your health. One of the ways soluble fiber may lower blood cholesterol is through its ability to reduce the amount of … Continue reading

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